About us

Coffee For Change| Congo aims to diminish the need for foreign aid in coffee communities by building infrastructure that will connect coffee farmers to the rest of the world and make coffee easily exportable and in consequence stimulate farmers and local economy, create jobs and make the farmers more self sufficient and reliable.

Coffee For Change| Congo: It is about promoting the struggle that Congo as a nation faces. It is advocating Congo causes to the world through its incredible coffee. It’s addressing international trade organizations, countries  and businesses in their failures to identify a mean to permanently stop the violence and the silent carnage taking place in this immensely rich country that has prevented Congo to stand in its glory. 

Lastly, Coffee For Change project Congo is about  assisting Congo through its economic revolution with the promise that the whole world is by its side, with Congo  every step of the way. 

Coffee For Change mantra is to free the self from the guilt of feeling as if we are not doing enough, that we are closing our eyes on certain realities outside of our own. Freedom of the inadequate feeling of standing nearby in silence, complicit.