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"to share is precious, pure and fair"


“The Coffee of  Economic Revolution!”

ConGo OrGano  specializes in Congo Specialty and Organic Coffee. We have the largest selection of DRCongo coffee due to our special relationship with Congolese farmers and our deeply vested commitment to Congo Economic rebirth.

Zaire: The gift and the curse. Highly favoured with an abondance of highly sought after natural resources, the story of the Congo is not what it was meant to be. The story the congolese people have endured is one of war, conflict and dictatorship. The Congo has all the making to be the richest nation on earth and yet its people live below poverty level.

Robusta was discovered growing wild in the Belgian Congo (Zaire or Republic of Congo) in 1898. The name Robusta was originally the trade name of a Belgian horticultural house who marketed the species early in the 20th century after the Frenchman Emil Laurent had brought it to their attention.

The kivu region is a natural paradise of growing conditions for the most unbelievable tasting coffee.  After Many years of wars and conflicts, the Congolese are regaining control of their future, with the export of this “Black Gold” that they possess.

ConGo Organo believes that an economic reconstruction is the Congo’s path to peace and stability and that is why we support local farmers and producers. That is why we foster close relationship with cooperatives on the ground that provide educational programs to the farmers and their families to protect their livelihood. ConGo OrGano supports the work of many NGO helping out Women’s rape victim, Children Victims of War conflicts and ex-militants that are now farmers. We strive to share with the world the many forgotten wonders the DRCongo has to offer, from all its different regions.

Our goal is to help revive the Congolese coffee and agricultural trade and to unite Congolese coffee farmers with sophisticated coffee drinkers around. We are committed to bringing you the rich and flavorful coffee from the all different regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo because the beans of each region has its own beat and its own rhythm.

The Coffee of  DR ConGo Economic Revolution!