Congo's Coffee History

"Make Coffee, Not War"

Coffee is one of the main agricultural exports of the Congo, contributing up to 75% of the agricultural revenue and up to 15% of the country’s GDP. As much as 65% of the population works in the agricultural sector.  The Congo was once one of the biggest exporters of coffee in the world, with an average annual production of 1.6 million bags in the 1980s.By the 1990’s, production had fallen to 1.1 million bags.

The decline was due to political and economic disruptions, very poor infrastructure, low producer prices, which led many farmers to abandon their plantations, and a high incidence of disease.   In the 1990s  the government stopped any efforts of economic planning and management in coffee producing regions, which in turn brought economic stagnation and currency devaluation.

These areas, such as the Kivu region, became  recruiting hotbeds for the militia.   At ConGo OrGano, our motto is make coffee, not war. We believe that economic reconstruction is the Congo’s path to peace and stability.