Coffee For Change

Congo Coffee for Change stems from the belief that we should use our natural resources to bring about the change we want to see in our communities. For too long Africa and black nations have been depicted as aid recipients countries. Under developed countries that need financial help from their developed counterparts. The Media continuously showing countries ravaged by war conflicts, showing malnourished children on television, stringing on good folks hearts to donate.

ConGo “Coffee For Change” initiative seeks to support financially humanitarian agencies, nonprofits and charitable organizations whose mission statements to help or improve the quality of life in their communities or cause they are working on, on behalf of. We want help them those agencies raise funds. Our fundraising is not limited to African and Afro-decent countries but encompasses local and international causes.

World financial aids, to this day is a multi -billion dollar industry. Yet, sufferings and calamities are still on the rise in the African continent and Afro communities. African countries suffer from lack of clean water and diseases due to poor hygiene. With all the fund raised, we do not seem to be able to eradicate world hunger and other plagues. Where are these funds going? How can we, as a collective not put an end to these unfairness?
For too long major organization have used the proceeds of fundraising to cover their overheads and astronomical executives salaries.
ConGo Coffee For Change believes that good folks shouldn’t feel guilty if they can’t to donate their hard earned dollars but also that they shouldn’t go out of their way.

Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the western world after water, Congo Coffee For Change uses coffee as a driver of Change and a healer. Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the western world after water.
Many big corporation source coffee from underdeveloped nations. And although lots of these global corporations have corporate and social responsibility, none have made it their Sole mission statement to use coffee to eradicate world hunger and bring sustainable development. Coffee For Change Mission  statement is to donate 50% of the proceeds from sales of coffee for change coffee bags to humanitarian and philanthropic endeavour.

We also want to change the perception and the narrative that African and Afro descendant nations are solely on the receiving end of the aids programs. We want to give back, and contributing members to humanity as a whole.