Signature Single Origin Dark Roast



  • Arabica Specialty Coffee
  • Kivu 4
  • Award winner Roaster
  • Dark Roast
  • Bold, strong, dark chocolate, plum, apricot, cherry, cola


Home of the Dark Roast”

ConGo Organo is proud to bring you our signature dark roast coffee.This single origin, is Congo’s dark roast, and is enjoyed best as a great day starter. ConGo Organo brings you our signature specialty coffee while  keeping our commitment to the coffee farmers of the Democratic Republic of the Congo rebuild their livelihood.

Kivu 4 has cupping note, Washed and sun-dried, balanced with orange-like acidity and sweet herbal spice notes. Medium body to strong body, almost no acidity, creamy aftertaste, roasted to perfection



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Weight 8.8 oz


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