Wakanda Premium Blend


ConGo Lake Kivu Coffee, Jamaica Blue Mountain and Ethiopia Yirgacheffee
8oz Roasted in Canada


The Wakanda Premium Blend series is symbolism  and a celebration of our united strength and a celebration of our diversity. Our countries are strong individually. When fused together, it shows how much we can accomplish drawing from each country core strength. Each region is renown in his own right for the magnificent quality it’s beans and flavour.

This is the best we have to offer, this is WAKANDA”S best coffee has to offer, this is WAKANDAS finest. There are 22 Afro-carribean coffee producing nations: ConGo (242-243), Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Angola, Jamaica, Tanzania, Madagascar, Gabon, Haiti, Togo, Guinea, Central African Republic, Togo, Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

As with every coffee bags  from the Coffee For Change, 50% of Wakanda Premium Blend series proceeds of sales will go towards causes that affect us all and not limited to Afro communities.
Financially Supporting and forming alliances with NGOs, Foundations and agencies with whom we have a common goal is the relentless pursuit of Change.

Police brutality, Flint water crisis, Federal workers government shutdown, Make-A-Wish foundation

The Wakanda Premium Blend aims to show that just as it has been given to us countless time, we also can pull our weight and contribute to the advancement of philanthropic donations.

ConGo Lake Kivu, Ethiopia Yirgacheffee, Jamaica blue Mountain is a coffee lover stream come true.
Blended together they are even more rich and powerful. Strong, dark and handsome is the only way to describe the 1st ever Premium Wakanda Blend


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